New South Wales (NSW)

New South Wales overview

New South Wales largest cities:
Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Wagga Wagga.

Total area: 800,628 sq. km.
Population: 6,576,000 (2004)
Approximate width west to east: 1,000 km
Approximate height, north to south: 1,000 km (coast)
Highest point: Mt Kusciusco

The first white settlement in Australia, today New South Wales is home to nearly 6.6 million people. Most of them live along the temperate coastline and in Sydney, the state capital.

Located in the south-east, with Queensland to the north and Victoria to the south. The landscape ranges from subtropical in the north, the Snowy Mountains in the south and 800 miles of golden sandy beaches along the coastline.

New South Wales origin of name

Chosen by James Cook in August 1770.

Captain Cook didn't use the name until he was writing his diaries on the voyage home from Australia. Unfortunately he didn't go into any details about his reasons and we can only assume he thought it looked like South Wales.

New South Wales history

New South Wales history began with the first settlement, the oldest of the seven colonies of Australia, effected by an expedition under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip, who landed at Botany Bay on the 19th January, 1788, and formally took possession of the whole continent.

Botany Bay being found unsuitable, the fleet was brought round to Port Jackson and the city of Sydney founded on the 26th January, 1788.

New South Wales was proclaimed a colony on the 7th of February, 1788.

The original colony of New South Wales extended through what is now known as Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania as well as about half of South Australia. Though the colony was originally a penal settlement, there was an influx of free immigrants from the first and after the abolition of transportation in 1840 all traces of the penal element were rapidly lost.

The Constitution Act (important part of New South Wales history) was ascented to on the 16th July, 1855, and proclaimed on the 24th November of the same year; and the first representative Parliament was opened on the 22nd May, 1856.

New South Wales population

In New South Wales, the largest English-speaking background birthplace groups are England-born (232 665), New Zealand-born (88 211) and Scotland-born (40 555). The largest groups from non-English-speaking backgrounds are Italy-born (66 130), China (excluding Taiwan Province)-born (65 534), and Viet Nam-born (61 133). These figures compare with a state total population of 6 576 000, an Australia-born total of 4 809 789, a total overseas-born population of 1 672 643, and an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander total of 109 700.

Migrant communities are much larger than birthplace data suggest because of the presence of second and later generation individuals who identify with those communities. In terms of second generation figures for New South Wales, the largest groups from English-speaking backgrounds are England-born (345 654), Scotland-born (83 366), and New Zealand-born (68 485). The largest from non-English-speaking backgrounds are Italy-born (89 034), Lebanon-born (61 195), and Greece-born (50 250).

The population of some birthplace groups is growing quickly. Others are declining. The highest average annual growth rates in the period 1996-2004 are for Bangladesh-born (27.5 per cent), Iraq-born (23.3 per cent), Afghanistan-born (20.5 per cent) and Sudan-born (17.9 per cent). Those with the highest average annual rate of decline are Latvia-born (-2.5 per cent), Cyprus-born (-1.8 per cent), and Hungary-, Netherlands-, and Northern Ireland-born (all -1.7 per cent). These figures compare with a growth rate of 1.0 per cent per annum for the total population and 0.6 per cent per annum for the Australia-born.

New South Wales economy

The bases of the New South Wales economy are agricultural and pastoral industries, a broadly based manufacturing sector, ample stocks of coal and highly developed service industries. New South Wales economy rich agriculture and mining sectors form the mainstay of its export-earning ability, accounting for almost 50 per cent of export income.

The New South Wales economy resource-based industries are coal, metallic and industrial minerals, minerals processing, chemicals, pulp and paper, processed food and agricultural products.

New South Wales economy generates more than 35 per cent of Australia's goods and services and sends more than 60 per cent of its exports to Asia - a larger amount than any other Australian State. New South Wales economy attracts more than a third of all foreign investment into the country.

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New South Wales education

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New South Wales culture

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New South Wales sport

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New South Wales main attractions

  • Blue Mountains
  • national parks
  • Rocks area
  • Wineries
  • surfing beaches
  • Opera House
  • Darling Harbour
  • fishing
  • Murrumbidgee irrigation area
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Snowy Mountains
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New South Wales capital

New South Wales capital is Sydney. It is the largest as well as the oldest city in Australia. Since it was here that the first international population settled. You can even visit Captain Cook's landing place at Botany Bay, where the first boats arrived.

You can also get off and visit Taronga Zoo, which is open every day of the year. Sea animals from Australia and around the world against breathtaking views of the harbor and a scenic landscape. Another attraction is the Sydney Opera House, famous for its architecture and beautiful location. Crossing the harbor and linking the two sides of the city is the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which offers exciting walking and climbing opportunities and fantastic sights of the city.