Western Australia (WA)

Western Australia overview

Western Australia largest cities:
Perth, Fremantle, Albany, Esperance.

Total area: 2,526,786 sq. km.
Population: 1,563,000 (2004)
Approximate width west to east: 2,500km.
Approximate height, north to south: 3,500km.

Western Australia covers a third of Australia and is the largest State in Australia. Western Australia is bounded by the Timor Sea to the north, the Indian Ocean to the west, the Southern Ocean to the south and South Australia and the Northern Territory to the east. Western Australia is separated from the eastern states by vast stretches of scrub and desert, Western Australia has a distinctive individuality that sets it apart from the other States.

Whilst it is largely red dust and desert, which contains most of the country's mineral wealth of uranium, colored diamonds and pearls, the coastline provides surfing beaches, with lush forests and limestone caves in the south. The north provides unspoiled beaches and coral reefs.

Western Australia's capital city is Perth, which has a population of 1.42 million. It boasts more hours of sunshine than any other Australian city and is also known for the beauty of its beaches and the large number of outdoor activities that are on offer.

Western Australia features both tropical and temperate climate ranges. Depending on the time of year you can view whales, seals, sea lions, dolphins and turtles from various locations on the coastline. Western Australia is also known as the wildflower state, with a spectacular display of wildflowers available naturally from July to November throughout the whole region. The outback offers numerous gorges, visited for their natural rugged beauty and wonderful swimming holes.

Western Australia history

Western Australia history began when the east coast of Australia was first charted by Europeans in 1770 by the well known Pacific explorer, Captain James Cook. On the 29th of April 1770, he claimed the whole east coast for King George III and called it New South Wales.

The First Fleet, commissioned by Thomas Townshend, Baron Sydney, set sail for Botany Bay on May 13, 1787, led by Captain Arthur Phillip. They arrived at Botany Bay on the 18th of January, where upon anchoring, it was discovered there was no fresh water locally available. It was decided to go further north, to Port Jackson (now also known as Sydney Harbour). There they found a lush, pristine forest in a cove fed by a stream, where it was decided they would settle. A formal flag raising ceremony was held by Arthur Phillip on the shore to proclaim the Colony of New South Wales, in the name of the King of England on the 26th of January, 1788.

Western Australia economy

Western Australia economy manufacturing is concentrated in the Perth metropolitan area. About 80% of the Western Australia 3600 manufacturing establishments are located there.

Less than 8% of the Western Australia economy workforce is directly employed in agriculture. Most intensive forms of farming are confined to the south-western corner of the state, a temperate region with a higher rainfall. Small farms produce pigs, poultry, eggs, potatoes and other vegetables. There are also vineyards, as well as orchards growing apples and citrus and stone fruits.

Mining employs only about 4% of Western Australia economy workforce but produces a large percentage of the state's wealth. The most important resources are the massive deposits of iron ore in the Pilbara district. Lesser amounts are mined at Koolan Island in Yampi Sound.

Tourism is a growing industry in Western Australia economy which has many places of interest. One of the state's chief attractions is its 7000 varieties of wildflowers which transform the state with vivid splashes of colour in spring. Pemberton in the south-west has forests of huge karri trees which are also unique to Western Australia. Busselton and Albany have many buildings of special historical interest. Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie in the eastern goldfields have relics of the goldrush era of the last century.

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Western Australia education

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Western Australia culture

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Western Australia main attractions

  • Margaret River
  • Kalgoorlie goldfields
  • Esperance
  • Mt Tom Price
  • Mt Newman
  • Ord River
  • Kimberley and Hamersley Ranges
  • Broome
  • Monkey Mia (dolphins)
  • Pinnacle Desert
  • Bungle Bungles
  • surfing
  • fishing
  • sailing
  • wildflowers
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Western Australia capital

Western Australia capital Perth itself has an extensive range of shops, restaurants, accommodation, cinemas, and other entertainment opportunities. There is Kings Park and Gardens, offering residents and visitors alike a scenic wander through 400 hectares of beautiful landscape and a breath-taking view over Perth. Running through the city is the Swan River, adding to the number of water based and outdoor activities that are available.

Artists in Residence is a gallery displaying and selling authentic Aboriginal art. See how coins are made, witness a gold pour and mint a coin or medallion at the Perth Mint on Hay Street. The Art Gallery of Western Australia at the Perth Cultural Centre displays a large collection of Aboriginal art, Australian and international paintings, sculptures, crafts, decorative arts, prints and drawings.

Easily accessible by public transport, Perth's surfing beaches rank among the best in the world. City Beach, Cottesloe, Floreat, Swanbourne (naturist), Scarborough, and Sorrento are popular. If surf is not your style, safe calm beaches on the Swan River include Como, Crawley and Point Walter.